Cutting Through the Noise

By Andy Ayim MBE

Fortnightly newsletter to help busy professionals nurture the entrepreneurial mindset without compromising their wellbeing.

Fortnightly newsletter to help busy professionals nurture the entrepreneurial mindset without compromising their wellbeing.

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💡 Cutting Through the Noise: The Future of Content Creators

If you enjoy this newsletter, 'hit reply' and please forward to a friend :-)We Are CreatorsVenture Capitalists are increasingly backing the creator economy by investing in the growing number of products and services that cater to those creators. From Launch H…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise: Inspiring Ownership

Inspiring OwnershipThe Forbes 400 is a list published by Forbes magazine of the wealthiest 400 Americans who own assets in the U.S., ranked by net worth.It was first published in 1982, it was dominated by people who either:Inherited wealthMade money in Oil &a…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise: Write your vision in ink and let it dry!

"Write your vision in pen, but strategy in pencil" - Jeff BezosWaze is one my favourite apps. I love the little delightful features it has from custom voices such as Sesame Street characters to warnings about speed cameras and police lurking 👀. More important…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise: Don't be Shy, Be Audacious

Don't be Shy, Be AudaciousThe British thing to do is often to be polite, humble and conservative.That doesn't serve you well when you need to be bold, courageous and audacious.Delivered a workshop on Brand Building last week and one the key messages I shared …


💡 Cutting Through the Noise: Try Softer

Try SofterWe have all been in situations when we have tried hard.Try harder to be good.Try harder to give back.Try harder to eat better and fit.Try harder to perform better at work.Try harder to be around family and friends.It can be exhausting when we try to…


Cutting Through the Noise - Issue #270: Being Non-conformist

Our differences shape our identity.I remember being in school having teachers tell me, “You can’t grow an afro or have locks in your hair.”When I was 21, I went backpacking across South America and some of my closest friends said, “Black people don’t do that.…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - Issue #269: Influencers

Influence vs FollowingWhether it's TikTok, Instagram or Youtube, millions of people compete for our attention daily. But how many people do we each know who has influence despite not having a following?There is one person I met less than 12 months ago who is …


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - Issue #268: 3 Lessons Learned in 4 weeks

Lessons Learned from Running a Membership Business for 4 weeksI love spending time regularly reflection personally and professionally on my life. Every 2 weeks, I run a "personal retrospective" where I spend an hour reflecting on:What has worked well?What did…


💡Cutting Through the Noise - The Value of Peace

Do you have peace of mind?I recently returned from a spontaneous family holiday and was reflecting on this question.Through from Monday to Sunday, do you have peace?Putting aside our material possessions, our money and investments, our family and friends, our…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - I got featured in a book, so what?

I got featured in a bookOllie Henderson interviewed me earlier this year for his new book: Work/Life Flywheel: Harness the work revolution and reimagine your career without fear.The thing I loved most when connecting with Ollie for the first time was that he …


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - Biblical Guiding Principles

Reframing what it means to invest in startups


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - Parenting through the Summer

Parenting through the Summer BreakOn Sunday, I shared with my wife my work schedule for the week ahead. On Monday, my wife had a local appointment that should have taken 30 mins but took 2 hours. On Tuesday, my daughter was sick and therefore I had to take ca…


Cutting Through the Noise - The Issue With Trust

The Issue With TrustEach day, we all subconsciously trust people in our daily lives.Have you ever checked the license of your train driver or plane pilot when you travel?Do you check with your partner if they have brushed their teeth or taken a bath daily?Hav…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - The difference 5 years can make

5 Year Journey5 years ago, I was 29, had my first child, and I had a job as a Product Manager at WorldFirst. I hadn't worked in VC, I hadn't started the Angel Investing School and I had only 1 failed angel investment to my name.I did have a blog and this news…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - My Angel Investing Journey

Reactions to my angle investing journey:➡️ 2017: It's only for rich middle class retired white folk?➡️ 2018: What are you doing?➡️ 2019: How long can this last?➡️ 2020: This is like gambling!➡️ 2021: Love what you're doing!➡️ 2022: Got 30 minutes to catch up?…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - Life Priority Stack

Life Priority StackAndy said: "I know I need to get better at saying no"Friends response: "Or saying yes to yourself"Reframing is such a powerful tool for us to change our perspective on how we see a particular problem, issue or idea.For months, I would tell …


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - 3 tips on connecting authentically online

We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give"To truly get the most out of new experiences, develop enough 'context' so that you can enjoy each area and get benefits."Below is a comment from one of the founders I invested in sharing a commen…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - AIS is launching a monthly membership

The latest evolution of my life's workFeeling both nervous and excited in this weeks announcement. Nurturing long term relationships with my tribe is something central to the life I personally have always wanted to love. Fills me with pleasure to share my lat…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - Nurturing Genuine Relationships

Genuine Relationships > Transactional RelationshipsOne of my core principles is Play Your Long Game. In essence, it means focusing on direction over speed and recognising that discipline and patience is required to nurture long term relationships.A few wee…


💡 Cutting Through the Noise - The Stigma of Solo founders

The Stigma of Solo foundersI am currently reviewing two startup deals with startups with solo founders.I wanted to shed light on some of the strengths I've personally seen in strong solo founders.🏃🏾‍♂️💨 Speed of execution due to the ability to make decisions …