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🔥Issue #37: Realistic Entrepreneurship

Did you know 📚: The story of Luis Von Ahn, founder of Duolingo AndysHVC Message 🔑 : Luis is what we c

Andy Ayim on Minorities in Tech

January 29 · Issue #37 · View online
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Did you know 📚: The story of Luis Von Ahn, founder of Duolingo
AndysHVC Message 🔑 : Luis is what we call a series entrepreneur. He isn’t someone who had numerous ideas he tried to pursue all at once. So how did he get started?
Luis attended a seminar at Yahoo and the speaker was listing 10 challenges Yahoo couldn’t solve. One of them was protecting Yahoo from bots. To solve this problem he created CAPTCHA, which became reCaptcha and got sold to Google. ReCaptcha certifies that the user of a computer is human and not a bot.
Following that he dug deep and thought about what lifelong problem he really wants to solve 🤔
He is from Guatemala and he felt great education was not widely available to all which caused disparity and not equality. Only the rich could afford the best education and go on to maintain their wealth. Whilst the poor are restricted access and opportunity.
From that pain point he created Duolingo. Originally it started out as a translation service for Buzzfeed and CNN but it pivoted to an educational service to teach users new languages at an affordable rate not thousands of dollars like Rosetta Stone.
He is the Godfather of crowdsourcing problem solving 🎎

Remember this journey is a game of inches and these articles should help you gain an inch or two on your journey. #GameOfinches
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