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🔥Issue #36: Execution = Continuous Learning

🗣 What are your foundations? Are you committed to laying a brick day in and day out?🔑 At 60 years old

Andy Ayim

January 22 · Issue #36 · View online
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🗣 What are your foundations? Are you committed to laying a brick day in and day out?
🔑 At 60 years old widowed almost 4 years ago my mother went to Ghana alone to pursue her dream and start a nursery.
She built it from the ground up. Hired staff, went door to door marketing, spread word of mouth, created a basic website and finally attracted 2 children to join the nursery. This was beyond hard but it was the one thing she committed to on a daily basis because she really wanted it. She even slept in the nursery as she didn’t have a house.
Today she has over 30 children and she is now building the house she will live in (God willing). Moral of the story…….lay strong foundations in yourself before you pursue your dreams as they don’t teach hard work, discipline and determination at school.
You gotta experience it! 👣
🎙S/O to Zoe Village Foundation (anyone interested in volunteering, holla)
Remember this journey is a game of inches and these articles should help you gain an inch or two on your journey. #GameOfinches

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Execution = Continuous Learning
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