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🔥Issue #31: “I am an entrepreneur” — what does that mean?

This week we will be exploring a short piece article on the modern day definition and act of being an

Andy Ayim

December 17 · Issue #31 · View online
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This week we will be exploring a short piece article on the modern day definition and act of being an entrepreneur. It is a term so overused and misunderstood. 
One the biggest differences between someone that aspires to become an entrepreneur and someone else who executes on their idea to become one is clear. 
It is the difference between someone who possesses the core skill they need to execute on their idea and someone who needs help from someone else who has the skill they need to bring their idea to life.
For example someone who styles hair has the core skill to open a hairdressers and style hair for more people. However someone who cannot code but wants to start a tech business, does not have the core skill to build the tech they need. 
Very few manage to find and hire people to galvanise around an idea they are not skilled at executing themselves.
Just some food for thought…….
Remember this journey is a game of inches and these articles should help you gain an inch or two on your journey. #GameOfinches 

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