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💡 Issue #245: The Long Walk Home 🏡

Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE
It’s been almost a year, I miss you all and I am grateful that so many of you reached out telling me you missed the newsletter and really valued it.
I didn’t stop the newsletter because I questioned the value, I stopped it because of me. I needed space and time to discover more about myself, how I want to spend my time and how this newsletter fits into the greater impact I want to achieve through democratising access to opportunities in tech for underrepresented investors, founders and talent.
Looking back, I was really at my core questioning my identity and purpose. I knew I was great with people, I knew the impact I wanted to have and I even was lucky enough to know what it feels like to work with great value aligned people on mission-led work. Yet, I had a blurred view on whether to to build on my craft as a Product Leader in Tech (i.e. Head of product management at a startup etc) or to lean all the way in with the work I’d being doing with underrepresented investors, founders and talent in tech.
Work such as building an accelerator programme for Backstage to invest $2.5m into underrepresented founders. Or investing through the Atomico Angel programme. Or running the Angel Investing School (AIS), developing the angel investor mindset and fostering great relationships (proudly over 250+ trained, 52% female, 70% POC).
Feels like a no brainer now but I had to go through my own personal journey to validate my identity and arrive….. the long walk home.
I am SO EXCITED to get plugged back into the ecosystem, keep serving you through my newsletter, blogs, events, podcasts, talks, AIS etc. and open up more doors of opportunities for you all.

This is a new section where I will share my latest thoughts!
3 first principles this week for founders:
  1. Don’t run out of money, consider saving an emergency fund of 6 months runway before you even get started
  2. Outliers (like Tesla and TikTok) create bad mental models for founders, ignore them and run your own race
  3. Decide on the outcome you want to achieve, then achieve that long term outcome as a reward for your effort and time building a valuable business
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Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE @andy_ayim

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