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💡Issue #209: Post-Traumatic Growth, Intro by Indie VC & Wealth Noir

Lessons from Daoism Last week, I spent time studying Chinese Eastern Philosophy Daoism (Taoism). 3 of

Andy Ayim on Minorities in Tech

July 27 · Issue #209 · View online
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Lessons from Daoism
Last week, I spent time studying Chinese Eastern Philosophy Daoism (Taoism). 3 of the biggest takeaways I could relate too were:
  1. Being in flow state, a state of mastery where you don’t rely on skill, often in pursuit of actions that make you lose track of time. For me, these are moments where I speak on stage, spend time with family or connect with people personally
  2. Wu Wei represents the action of non action / Effortless action. Sometimes by doing nothing, we allow for an action to be taken. For example, sometimes after having a meeting with someone, I need time to reflect, learn and be still - taking no action.
  3. Water is always in harmony, when phased with an obstacle like a rock, it finds a solution and flows around it. Water is humble, nurturing others like plants and trees. Reminds me about the importance of being flexible as well as being in service to others. When I face challenges, I am learning the importance of adopting the right perspective. We shouldn’t work against our environments or get frustrated, shift focus to achieve more harmony.
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WealthNoir published an interview Andy Ayim about his story as an investors across asset class.
25 Black women executives with successful exits & 25 who may be next.
Michael Seibel shares wisdom on the perceived value of investor feedback.
Indie VC launched The Intro, which educates and introduces founders to alternative sources of capital to support and scale their businesses.
Andreessen Horowitz’s Cultural Leadership Fund has invested in just 3 black-led startups from 65 investments in total. Did we expect more?
Enterprise Relief Fund provides grants of up to £5k are for young people in the UK aged 18-30 who’ve started a business or become self-employed in last 4 years.
Silicon Valley Comes To The UK is an event I have attended in the past. Currently there is a call out for applications from female founders.
GSV hare hosting a 7 week online startup bootcamp for founders.
Playfair Capital is hiring for a Community Manager.
Foundervine is hiring for a part-time Program Manager.
Benedict Evans is interviewed on the Out Of Hours podcast and shares wisdom on side hustles, growing an audience and newsletter creation.
HBR released a podcast about Post-Traumatic Growth, an interesting experience about catalysts for change.
Wiley had his management and distributor cut their ties following his antisemitic tweets.
How Costco convinces brands like Kirkland to cannibalize themselves and win.
Support Lyricaps who create hats with hip hop lyrics embroidered on them to raise money for Black empowerment groups.
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