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💡 Cutting Through the Noise - The REAL me

Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE
The feeling of life is the meaning of life
What does that even mean you may be asking.
As an investor in newly formed business, I am very aware of the power dynamic that can be assumed as there is a founder often looking up to an investor in a position of power and influence who could invest in their business.
I consciously make an effort to level the playing field and share open, honestly and transparently my unshiny story.
  • Where I grew up
  • Challenges I overcame that changed my mindset and worldview
  • Struggling at times as a father
  • Confused sometimes with decisions around my own business
  • My ever evolving identity
Although it requires me to be vulnerable, it creates a safe space for the founder to share their unshiny story which often evidences WHY they are deciding to go on this crazy journey of starting a business with an ambition to change the world.
Last week I received feedback from a founder who pitched to me and said, “In the 200+ meetings I’ve had with investors, no one has ever cared enough to ask about my upbringing and transformation journey. Thank you.”
That feeling in that moment, is why I love what I do. The feeling of life 💐
Have a productive week!

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Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE @andy_ayim

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