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💡 Cutting Through the Noise - R.I.P Jamal Edwards, true pioneer

Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE
A tree….. it’s a tree 🌲.
How can a single tree through innovation turn into paper, flooring, a wooden cabin, spoon, books, toilet paper, adhesives, sunscreen lotion, crayons and dozen more. Or, it can remain a tree.
Our mindset works similarly depending on how we nurture it. My friend last week shared with me that “Pearls don’t lie on the seashore. If you want one, you must dive for it.” - Chinese Proverb
Self improvement comes from investing in yourself. I used to encourage people to make small micro goals to invest into learning something. Whether it’s from watching a video, listening to a podcast, reading a book or signing up to a course.
However, I think a more honest start for most is to review the content they consume in a single week. Challenge yourself to keep a ‘Content Journal’ this week and take a note on paper or your phone on all the content you consume. Then next to it, just note what value you get from the content.
Unlocking potential usually takes time, its a commitment to a journey over a long duration of time. But starting small along a single direction is a start.
Direction over speed.
Have a productive week!

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Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE @andy_ayim

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