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💡Cutting Through the Noise - My skillset is my safety net

Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE
“My skillset is my safety net.”
When someone shares they are leaving an employer. Why is it so often that the follow up question is, “what will you do next?”
Our immediate reaction, usually innocently is one of curiosity. Which in and of itself is to be expected. My response when people asked me was that I am going to follow my feelings and lean into my WHY.
Then worry starts to creep in the line of questioning….. what will do? how will you survive? what about your living expenses? how long can you live like this. That’s where I respond that my skillset is my safety net.
In practise this plays out in 10 ways:
  1. Focused content creation and distribution
  2. What opportunities you say no to
  3. How you position your value proposition
  4. How much you price your services & determining how much a client is willing to pay
  5. Developing consistent daily routines and habits
  6. The authentic expression of yourself in what you do
  7. The energy and vitality you have when work becomes play
  8. Looking forward to the start and end of each day
  9. Reducing and limiting the influence of imposter syndrome
  10. Scaling your impact based on your WHY
So, I leave you with a question, if your skillset is truly your safety net, how would you live day in and day out?

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Andy Ayim MBE
Andy Ayim MBE @andy_ayim

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