You may not need NgRx, why Angular teams fail to share code, Akita 2 & more

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Angular Weekly

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CSS-in-JS and static rendering
Angular: you may not need NgRx
What’s new in JavaScript ES2019?
Be aware of the debounce decorator
Making NgRx cleaner and simpler
Having fun with structural directives in Angular
Why Angular teams don't share code and how to fix it
Stephen Fluin
I love watching awesome #Angular tools like this pop up all of the time! Thanks @Vugar005
8:23 PM - 29 Jan 2019
Expect the unexpected — best practices for Angular error handling
Not loading redundant ES2015+ browser polyfills with Angular CLI
Write object-oriented TypeScript: inheritance
Angular authentication using JSON web tokens
Throttling notifications from multiple users with RxJS
Google Webmasters
📣Wanna know how to implement dynamic rendering with Rendertron to help crawlers 🤖 with your #javascript (e.g. #react, #angular or #vue) app with #seo? Our blog has got you covered: 🥳
3:08 PM - 31 Jan 2019
TypeScript: interface — Part I: parameters with interfaces
The magic of RxJS sharing operators and their differences
How to test your frontend with the framework
Neat and clean JavaScript command-line tools with Notion
Nehaychik Dmitry
And in the meantime, ngx-admin is the second most popular #github #Angular library of 2018 according to Good for us!
3:15 PM - 29 Jan 2019
Build a simple game in the browser with Phaser 3 and TypeScript
In defense of JavaScript oddities
Safari shows the way to JavaScript resource limitation
Mozilla's Fission meets its first milestone at the end of February
Source maps in Angular - How to handle them in production
Scalable Angular Architectures with Juan Herrera
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