Working without NgModules, 5 TypeScript commandments, TypeScript 3.6 beta & more

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your c
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

July 21 · Issue #63 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your coming work week!

A possible future without Angular Modules
5 commandments for TypeScript programmers
Ergonomic Typescript generics with Higher-Order Functions
Be a top dev? You must build things!
Handling safe destructuring in TypeScript
How to write better components in Angular
Santosh Yadav is live now, will try to work on UI, the idea is to make it a common platform to list all custom builder's in @angular, so Developers can look at single source. Also place to add reference section, let me know if you have any blog post on builder's
9:47 PM - 19 Jul 2019
Inspecting Angular apps from browser console
Mastering RxJS: operators functions that can bite
Performance tune a JavaScript site w/ Chrome DevTools
Rendering Angular applications in terminal
Getting started with TensorFlow in the browser
Hayley van Waas
@tanya @angular um, not exactly, but this is a great blog post about a branch strategy that I've found to be successful in a couple different projects Maybe a place to start?
5:49 AM - 19 Jul 2019
How to create beautiful charts in Angular
Using TypeORM for data persistence in Node.js module
Deploy a recommend system for the movie-lens dataset
Search UI 1.0.0 released
Announcing TypeScript 3.6 beta
Cypress: a new kid on the E2E block
John Papa
Get the Peacock pre-release 2.5.0-rc here

New features for:

- Assign colors when working in Remote Dev Containers, WSL, SSH
- Surprise me on startup can optionally be restricted to favorite colors
4:15 PM - 16 Jul 2019
NativeScript 6.0 - Webpack all the way
The 43 most popular GitHub JS repos in July
Keeping things fresh with stale-while-revalidate
Got NIM?
Why we open sourced our JavaScript framework
Josef Biehler
Today I encountered a situation where I had to use conditonal types to achieve my goal. Very nice! @typescript 's typesystem is very powerful.
6:05 PM - 17 Jul 2019
Behind the scenes: how Typescript decorators operate
3 key traits of front-end frameworks - Evan You, Vue.js
Google launches local home JavaScript SDK

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