Upcoming Angular 8, fastest way to cache with RxJS, why I chose Akita & more

Hi, I’m your curator Andrey, currently using Angular to build developer platform Jexia. Update: I'll
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

April 11 · Issue #49 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi, I’m your curator Andrey, currently using Angular to build developer platform Jexia. Update: I’ll publish this weekly on Thursdays from now.

What to expect in Angular 8
Having fun with state in Angular
Angular Components 101 — an overview
Test your knowledge in Computer Science by trying out a little Trivia App I wrote in pure HTML, CSS & Javascript. Please let me know feedback if you have any. https://t.co/klZoyU4LXf
10:41 PM - 10 Apr 2019
NGRX from the start - Part 3: NGRX store
Design patterns in modern JavaScript development
How to RxJS in Angular
RxJS bugs always have solutions
NgRx: action creators redesigned
Nicolas Grilly
Agreed. GitHub web interface is fast. It's a great example of what can be done with tools like https://t.co/gPTp5qVzge, https://t.co/oehaGkxg4Z or https://t.co/3tKbb01CjQ, by combining a single-page app (SPA) with server-side rendering (SSR).

#javascript https://t.co/adsPJxyiPQ
11:27 AM - 10 Apr 2019
Fastest way to cache for lazy developers 
Safely access attributes in Angular Using “?.”
Integrating Google maps in Angular
Angular CLI: custom webpack Config
Implement a reusable autocomplete component
Rik Arends
If you wanna see something cool, open some code files in the UI, open the chrome 'performance profiler' make sure to 'check DISABLE JAVASCRIPT SAMPLES (under the gear)' and then record a profile of this https://t.co/KyIsVPRGFP dragging a splitter bar. Quite proud of that.
12:36 AM - 10 Apr 2019
How to use Internationalization (i18n) in Angular
Create themes for your Angular 7 apps w/ CSS variables
Debugging Nx in VS Code
Astrograph: GraphQL lens for Stellar blockchain
Wrote a blog post in which I try to explain how to convert a binary number to a regular decimal number using JavaScript. #javascript

6:23 PM - 9 Apr 2019
NLP Keras model in browser with TensorFlow.js
Cypress vs. TestCafé: battle of next UI testing tools
Why I chose Akita over NgRx
Native Lazy Loading for <img> and <iframe>
2019 Stack Overflow developer survey results
Good Action Hygiene with NgRx | Mike Ryan | ng-conf 2018 Minified
A "position: sticky" Header Component Using IntersectionObserver In Angular 7.2.11
mergeMap vs exhaustMap vs switchMap vs concatMap cheatsheet. A stream that emits at [5ms, 10ms, 20ms] will be mapped to [0ms, 3ms, 6ms] streams. Playground https://t.co/BDJM2jltEk #RxJS https://t.co/MbcJDJKK39
10:36 AM - 2 Apr 2019
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