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October 31 · Issue #76 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Migrating to TypeScript essentials
Mastering Angular 8: five time-saving learnings
angular-prerender (https://t.co/OoN055dMrX) can now also prerender @angular apps developed with @NxDevTools. Many thanks to @keserwan for helping me to debug this and to @mgechev for accepting my changes to guess-parser in no time.
9:54 AM - 30 Oct 2019
Understanding MVC-services for frontend: TypeScript
Interact with the clipboard via Angular's Clipboard CDK
Real world reports (aka best-practices)
Migrating to TypeScript: lessons learnt by Dropbox
Delay loading indicators w/ CSS Animations in Angular 9
Angular development in enterprise
Reactive forms benefits: validators
Debugging memory leaks in Angular
Nils Andrey
Agreed and recommend (productivity): “Having a fully typed SDK for an API is a big difference compared to having to find it all in the docs especially the data models.”

https://t.co/S7bISiZl8P via @vmasek
2:23 PM - 28 Oct 2019
Angular & ASP.NET Core 3.0 - deep dive
How to test JSON schema with AJV in TypeScript
Announcing TypeScript 3.7 RC
Tools for RxJS code unit testing in Angular 8 apps
Minko Gechev
YouTube music is going PWA ❤️ https://t.co/FPRh3GCjrr
6:30 PM - 29 Oct 2019
Sober article about Angular, Vue, React and the likes
Maps in Angular w/ Leaflet, Part 2: the marker service
We are excited to announce that GCP AutoML service now supports exporting ML models for TensorFlow.js. Now it is even easier to use custom trained and optimized ML models in your JavaScript application!

Read the blog ↓ https://t.co/3ucX79BZBk
7:10 PM - 24 Oct 2019
Research update: coding on the weekends
Reasons to learn Redux as a JavaScript developer
Why we have dependency injection in web development
Godfrey Chan - Thinking in TypeScript
Duration: 25 minutes
TypeScript Developer’s Guide to Advanced TypeScript | Ted Neward
Duration: 64 minutes
Reactive Conf 2019, from Prague - Live stream DAY 2
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