Typescript 3.6, RxJS cache and refresh in Angular, real-time search w/ RxJS & more

Hi! I’m Andrey, your curator. I'm working with Angular at dev platform Jexia, and this weekly is mean
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

September 4 · Issue #69 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi! I’m Andrey, your curator. I’m working with Angular at dev platform Jexia, and this weekly is meant to keep you up-to-date. Enjoy!

RxJS: error handling with forkJoin
Unhealthy code: primitive overuse
Iwan van der Kleijn
TypeScript lacks pattern matching with types (i.e. "match" or "case" from languages like Haskell or F#). This series shows how with Type Guards you can define equivalent functionality https://t.co/sWFRPEs9CF
11:08 AM - 28 Aug 2019
Symbols in JavaScript and TypeScript
The --showConfig compiler option in TypeScript
Angular dependency injection tips
RxJS caching and refreshing in Angular
🚀NestJS Addons - In-Memory DB v1.6.1 Released

✅ Shiny new forFeature capabilities (multiple instances)
✅ Powerful seed method to generate large amounts of test data


Get it while it’s hot 🔥😎
// @nestframework @nodejs @angular
12:00 AM - 30 Aug 2019
Using TypeScript to check your JavaScript code
Easy functional programming in TypeScript for everyone
Show loading indicator when obs$ | async isn't resolved
Real-time search engine with RxJS
Angular + fontawesome in only 5 steps
Nils Hartmann 🌻
TIL: #Redux might be converted to #TypeScript https://t.co/jC3s0of1Q1

Not sure if this is relevant for users of Redux but might improve the typings. While today's typings are good, they're complex and sometimes hard to understand imho (might be more true for react-redux though)
9:48 AM - 2 Sep 2019
Beginner’s guide to GraphQL with Angular and Apollo
Angular 8: manage reactive form controls w/ form groups
Prisma 2 in preview
What’s new in Transloco
TypeScript 3.6: stricter array spreads and generators
Victor Savkin
Nx 8.4.13 has been released!

We completely redesigned the getting started experience.

@NxDevTools is a set of dev tools for monorepos with first class support for Web Components, #Angular, #React, Express, and NestJS, and other tools.

Check it out at https://t.co/y8AlIGchpw https://t.co/ydDTroxnVG
11:26 PM - 29 Aug 2019
Testing a greenfield microservice
Baseline interpreter: faster JS interpreter in Firefox 70
Create a scalable, maintainable front-end architecture
Slide deck + video: new in Angular & perf best practices
Angular RTP - What's New in Angular + Performance Best Practices
Stephen Fluin: build Minesweeper within 1 hour w/ Angular
Jennifer Wadella
Slides from my talk on @angular forms at #ngde2019 are up! I'll be around for the next two days to answer your questions so HMU! https://t.co/azjgOZmvHl
3:06 PM - 30 Aug 2019
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