TypeScript 3.5 RC, consuming a GraphQL API w/ Angular, goodbye NPM? & more

Hi, I’m your curator Andrey, currently using Angular to build developer platform Jexia. 
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Hi, I’m your curator Andrey, currently using Angular to build developer platform Jexia

TypeScript 3.0: the unknown type
Component inheritance in Angular
Farhad Bayanati
Announcing TypeScript 3.5 RC | TypeScript https://t.co/kpjSkwjhpv . (Specially happy 3.5 addressing the speed issue with 3,4)
4:20 PM - 17 May 2019
Domain-Driven Design with TypeScript
Towards Angular 8: 5th release candidate
Creating micro-frontends using web components
My favorite tips and tricks in Angular
Consuming a GraphQL API with Angular
The three building blocks of elite Angular teams
Thomas Burleson
RxJS Operator `untilViewDestroyed()` to auto `unsubscribe()` when an Angular view component is removed from the DOM:

8:39 PM - 16 May 2019
Easy A11y w/ Angular CDK. Keyboard-navigable lists
RxJS ‘repeat’ operator — beginner necromancer guide
Clean & consistent Express.js controllers
Flexible error handling w/ the result class
7:50 PM - 12 May 2019
Custom Angular select component, w/ virtual scrolling
Recipes for web apps with Node, Express & TypeScript
Introducing GitHub package registry
Faster script loading with BinaryAST?
Tane Piper
I've updated the demo for my #Angular module ngx-editorjs for @codex_team EditorJS https://t.co/OeG9zMDRg7

Using #Material to make the demo much slicker, and #Akita for application state.

Modules and site fully documented here https://t.co/9pi4khDoGQ

#TypeScript #opensource
4:10 PM - 15 May 2019
Packem: a super fast bundler written in Rust
Faster, smarter JS debugging in Firefox DevTools
Alternative JavaScript package repos: goodbye npm?
A conspiracy to kill IE6
NPM today stands for Now Paging Microsoft
Composite UIs for microservices: vertical slice APIs
How frontend devs can help bridge the design/dev gap
Weaving the web - Coding textile-based interactions in JavaScript by Charlie Gerard
Taming reactive node.js: Stream-oriented architecture with Nest | Kamil Myśliwiec
An Introduction to WebAssembly by Guy Royse
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