The new features of Angular 7.1, Typescript 3.2, better redirects in route guards & more

Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions her
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

November 30 · Issue #30 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

News & fundamentals
Announcing TypeScript 3.2
What’s new in Angular 7.1?
A complete guide to routing In Angular
Max Koretskyi, aka 🧙‍♂️
My talk on change detection mechanism at @FrameworkSummit is now available here Check it out to learn the differences between the change detection implementations in #Angular and #React. #javascript #webdev
5:50 PM - 22 Nov 2018
The A to Z guide to the Angular lifecycle
Angular: refetch data on same URL navigation
Passing a callback function into a custom Angular pipe
Keeping up with the dependencies
End-to-end testing Angular software
How to optimize Angular applications
Tracy Lee | ladyleet
Modern Web Podcast - updates in Angular with @hanslatwork and @benlesh talking about ng update, ng add, ivy, rxjs, and the cli! :) @moderndotweb #modernweb #angular
7:20 PM - 28 Nov 2018
Exploiting developer infrastructure is insanely easy
Better redirects in Angular route guards - 7.1 feature
Manage HTTP downtime with Angular, RxJS and interceptors
Varnish and A-B testing: how to play nice
A timing attack with CSS selectors and Javascript
UX Trends I Observed at Google as a Mobile UX Lead
Compromised npm package: event-stream Compromised npm package: event-stream
How to safely refactor old code: Part 1
Build a simple & customizable web scraper using RxJS and Node
Michael Prentice
It's exciting to see the growth of the #Angular developer community! Regardless of rumors or what you've seen in surveys, the growth continues at an impressive pace! Thank you to everyone out there who is creating content and mentoring! ❤️ 🚀
9:26 AM - 29 Nov 2018
Manage state: don’t shoot yourself before starting an application
Marble diagrams, a way to test and deeply understand RxJS code
Actually, callbacks are fine
The baseline costs of JavaScript frameworks
Angular testing… but faster
Angular testing… but faster - Stephen Lau
Keeping Angular apps clean
Keeping Angular Apps Clean by Christian Lüdemann
Angular in production in a fast running company
Angular in production in a fast running company by Mikkel and Per, Dinero
RxJS: a better way to write frontend applications
RxJS: A Better Way To Write Frontend Applications - Hannah Howard - JSConf US 2018
Redux for Angular -- introduction to Ngrx cosystem
Redux for Angular -- Introduction to Ngrx Ecosystem - Mohamed Meligy
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