Stephen Fluin about the past, present and future of Angular, NgRx essentials & more

Wishing you a happy Saturday! I’m your curator Andrey and currently use Angular to build developer pl
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Wishing you a happy Saturday! I’m your curator Andrey and currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia

NgRx - from the beginning
NgRx — cherry picking the meta
Minko Gechev
Moved the build of @GoThinkster's Real World Angular Example to Bazel

Find how to:

🔸 Decompose app into packages
🔸 Build your Angular components, directives, etc.
🔸 Use lazy-loading
🔸 Manage third-party dependencies
🔸 Develop with ibazel
12:50 AM - 29 Mar 2019
A deep dive into Angular’s NgOnDestroy
Event handling and state management in Angular
The Past, Present, and Future of Angular with Stephen Fluin
Managing file uploads with NgRx
Embedded Angular with Raspberry Pi
Lazy loading external JavaScript libraries in Angular
Alex Ziskind
How to automatically log out your #nativescript app after a timeout period: by @AresDevX
1:08 AM - 6 Apr 2019
Lambda@Edge to handle Angular client-side routing
Themes for your Angular 7 apps using CSS variables
Keep it Simple: implementing edit-in-place in Angular
Angular unit testing supplement
Build Angular like an architect - Part 1
Complete guide to Angular performance tuning
Robert Wawrzyniak
JavaScript types are always good for a fun read:
JavaScript Coercions Grid
4:02 PM - 2 Apr 2019
Responsible JavaScript: part I · an A list apart article
Clocking system: deploy w/ Angular 6+ & environments
Extensible dynamic pluggable enterprise app w/ Angular
Zero config GUI for Jest
Announcing TypeScript 3.4
NPM install with just GitHub
La cosa nostra
Angular async pipe does not work in the electron #angular #electron
4:11 PM - 2 Apr 2019
Using Jest: aka make unit testing great (again)
'Hello World!’ Application in 5 Minutes w/ Fusion.js
Building the Squarespace image filters
An Angular roadmap — past, present and future
Alex Engler
Starting the thread again with the interactive #d3js projects! 📊📈

Check out these ~gorgeous~ transitions in this scrolly-telling from @jtanwk

Full project: #dataviz #ddj #javascript
8:58 PM - 4 Apr 2019
Making websites work w/ Windows high contrast mode
Personal interview w/ Minko Gechev (Angular core team)
Scientific paper
Mining rule violations in JavaScript code snippets
Samuel Furter
Just found some great slides about software architecture and TypeScript. Check them out:
9:16 PM - 2 Apr 2019
npm and WASM: how can we help?, Laurie Voss of npm
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