Smart vs. presentational components, GraphQL @ Netflix, a recap of 2018 & more

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December 14 · Issue #32 · View online
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Gravatar directive in Angular
So what’s new in Typescript 3.2?
A deep dive into Angular animations
Leonel Elimpe
Custom phone number validator function in Angular

#Angular #ReactiveForms
8:08 PM - 12 Dec 2018
New in Angular v7.1: updates to the router
Smart components vs presentational components
Container vs presentational components: design pitfalls
Angular smart 404 page
Angular x Jest snapshot testing
Angular 7 + unit testing + code coverage
Lewis Ardern
Looking for Blind XSS? You should also be looking for framework specific execution such as #AngularJS and #Angular #security #xss (First payload will also work in Angular)
5:09 PM - 8 Dec 2018
Handling cache and AJAX race conditions
Angular async pipe – How to handle errors
Reactive programming in Javascript using RxJS
Redux middleware example: promise-based API over reactive core
How to build a chatroom with Angular 7
Building better Angular Libraries — Part 1
🇧🇷🇵🇹 Tiago Temporin
WOW!!! So happy to see Material Community Components 2.5k downloads in the last 30 days... Thanks, @PlataformaEgoi for letting me build this inside the company and @stephenfluin for all the help. #Angular #Material
3:45 PM - 7 Dec 2018
How to use Sass in Angular 7 - tutorial example
Modal component in vanilla JavaScript, React, Angular and Vue
Todo boilerplates with Hasura on Angular
Test automation for Angular apps using Protactor
Kamil Mysliwiec
@nestframework is the fastest rising @nodejs framework in 2018 😮 280% growth in one year 🚀 with an almost 4x higher increase than any other library 🎅 ☃️ #nodejs #angular

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1:01 PM - 11 Dec 2018
Improved UX with Ghost elements + Angular 7 animations
Test ngrx/store dependent components in Angular 7 applications
Running across NPM
The latest npm breach…or is it?
Netflix' learnings from adopting GraphQL
Why Canva left manual UI testing behind
A recap of frontend development in 2018
An in-depth overview of Progressive Web Applications
Wassim Chegham - What's coming next in Angular
Pascal Precht - Building Decentralized Apps with Angular and Embark
Ward Peeters - Bringing Lighthouse to Angular
Samantha Brennan - Angular for the Visual Learner
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