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Angular workspace: no application for you!
Max Koretskyi, aka Wizard
Ever wondered how TypeScript compiler works or what's EcmaScript grammar? Check out my article “Gentle introduction into compilers. Part 1: Lexical analysis and Scanner” It took me 3 months to write 😅 https://t.co/qol7PvtUUH … … #javascript #webdev #typescript #Angular #React
6:15 PM - 27 Dec 2018
Enjoyable webworkers in Angular
Puppeteer vs. unit testing your UI
Alexey Zuev
In case I need embedded template scoped variable in #Angular template https://t.co/emWpAExBrs
5:43 PM - 20 Dec 2018
Making a stock chart widget in Angular 6
Creating a mouse-over hesitation directive in Angular 7.1.4
How to scale applications quickly using Angular dynamic components
Let your child learn to code with these 6 toys and kits
Manfred Steyer
ngx-build-plus supports now #Angular CLI schematics:

💥Just install it with ng add
📄Merge your own webpack config into the CLI's one
🔌Plugins: merge strategies and advanced stuff
↔️More schematics are in the pipeline - stay tuned

https://t.co/7fDXSaja3U https://t.co/QFiZBxhimh
11:45 PM - 27 Dec 2018
The crazy story of Verdaccio – Verdaccio – Medium
How we upgraded a website with half a billion annual users to Angular 7 in less then a day
14 JavaScript conferences in 2019 every developer should attend
Remote jobs
Quicargo - Full stack developer
RavenOps - Remote full stack engineer
Upstack Technologies, Inc.: full stack developer
Framebridge - Software engineer, frontend (mid-sr)
Abstract - Software engineer, front-end — all levels (jr—sr)
Automated Testing with Angular, with Adam Morgan, Presented by Atlanta JavaScript
What Can We Learn With JavaScript Fatigue
I Wish You All a Happy New Year!
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