Realtime IoT with Angular functions, dependency injection in JavaScript, RxDx & more

Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

January 4 · Issue #35 · View online
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Dependency injection in JavaScript 101
A guide to JavaScript algorithms — Graph and tree traversal
DIY Redux with RxJS => RxDx
Snackbar - Angular Material component with multiple actions
Stephen Fluin
Thinking about building a game with #Angular? Here's my solution to building hex grids
5:21 AM - 4 Jan 2019
Page specific dynamic Angular components using child routes
Spectator for Angular or: how I learnt to stop worry & love the spec
Publish Angular library created with Nx to NPM
Realtime IoT data using Azure SignalR and functions in Angular
Connecting your Angular DAPP to multiple smart contract platforms
Stop repeat yourself in Angular: creating abstract components
How to create search engine-friendly internationalized web apps with Angular Universal and ngx-translate
Announcing 3Box.js 1.1.0
Best Angular admin templates
Today, we are happy to announce the release of Nx 7.2 which improves IDE support, dep-graph recalculation, and bundle size! #angular #nx
7:53 PM - 2 Jan 2019
From Angular to Blazor: the Health app
Remote jobs
CafeMedia - Sr. Javascript Developer
X-Team - Frontend UI/UX Developer
New release of IxJS, the Interactive Extensions for JavaScript with deep support for @nodejs streams, and now you can pipe an AsyncIterable to a WritableStream! DOM stream support coming soon!
2:22 AM - 4 Jan 2019
Cardinal Financial - Software Engineer
10X Genomics - Front-End Software Engineer
A Vue.js inspired event-modifier DOM plug-in in Angular 7.1.4
Creating A Vue.js Inspired Event-Modifier DOM Plug-In In Angular 7.1.4 on Vimeo
How Node Is Helping To Propel Angular
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