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November 27 · Issue #81 · View online
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The official Redux style guide
Angular Mastery: NgClass & NgStyle
Tools for fast Angular apps (Chrome Dev Summit 2019)
Duration: 6 minutes
Clean code applied to JavaScript - Part 1
6 steps to your Angular-based micro front-end shell
Real-world reports
Partial types in TypeScript
Partial<T>, where have you been my whole life?
Milosz Piechocki
Slides from my @jsPolandConf #jsPolandConf talk about new #TypeScript features. Thank you for having me!
11:18 PM - 22 Nov 2019
The 'no tears' Cypress setup
Interfaces generally belong with users
How we built a micro front-end architecture
Recreating the NgRx demo app
Make illegal states unrepresentable
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When to use a private constructor
Mock a backend in Angular using HttpInterceptor
Execute a function on a different thread in Angular
NgRx 8.5.2
Mike Keen 🇺🇸
A truly real-time Universal CouchDB client written in Typescript that works with RxJS two-way binding —> ( 🛋
4:53 PM - 23 Nov 2019
Ant-design-pro-layout: 🌃
Nx 8.8: Storybook support, run-many command...
JavaScript errors: an exceptional history - Part II
Learning TypeScript as an app dev and lib maintainer
Michał Jach - Modern Monorepo with Lerna
Duration: 26 minutes
Micro front-end architecture: fitment widget on
Duration: 21 minutes
RxJS operator, what’s your real world use case? - Tracy Lee
Duration: 31 minutes
Creating a scalable monorepo architecture - Christian Lüdemann
Duration: 49 minutes (slides start at 11 min.)
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