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What is NgModule?
Introduction to i18n for Angular
Shu Uesugi
My latest: TypeScript Generics for People Who Gave Up on Understanding Generics

As TypeScript becomes popular, more beginner programmers will be learning it, possibly as one of their 1st languages. This is my attempt to write a beginner-friendly tutorial.
8:43 PM - 22 Nov 2019
Clean code applied to JavaScript: series
...and an additional Angular i18n deep dive
Real-world reports
Dockerizing an Angular application
How I got rid of state observables in Angular
Get rid of TypeScript errors after VS Code import
Frosty ⛄️
#AngularTip: Instead of using multiple async pipes, try adding an ng-container and using the "async as" syntax. It will improve your app's runtime performance and readability.

Here is an example: @Angular
9:58 PM - 6 Dec 2019
What to do if you are trapped on Angular v4?
4 changes that improve your new Angular project
Build an app and deploy it to multiple environments
Is my Angular performance normal?
Host your Angular project with GitHub
An interesting approach. If you have some frontend code written for one framework, e.g., Angular, and another part is written as React, you can combine pieces into one frontend. Esp useful if 2 companies are merging.
4:55 AM - 9 Dec 2019
Reduce change detection cycles in Angular
Test driven development in an Angular world - Part 3
State of Angular design tools
Tabris: native mobile apps in JavaScript
Announcement of the launch of npm Pro
Rémi Berson
If, like me, you are an email filtering nerd and extensively use automatic rules to help manage your inbox, you might like this! A library to parse, manipulate and pretty-print @mozthunderbird message filters, written in @typescript!
5:27 PM - 24 Nov 2019
CodeSandbox: say hello to Template Universe
Deno: a secure JavaScript and TypeScript runtime
Polyglot solution to run multiple frameworks as one
Agile and reporting - 101
How to become an Angular GDE
Podcast with Uri Goldstein about GraphQL & Angular Podcast with Uri Goldstein about GraphQL & Angular
Slide deck: Angular deep Bootstrap
NG-BE 2019 - the complete playlist
Building a Robo-Army with Angular
Duration: 43 minutes
Games development with Typescript and Canvas
Duration: 44 minutes.
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