Monorepo misconceptions, Angular content projection, from Vue to Angular & more

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. I'm currently using Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy t
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Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. I’m currently using Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Demystifying flattening operators in RxJS without code
Misconceptions about monorepos: monorepo = monolith
Minko Gechev
Redesign of the `ng new` app just landed in master in the Angular CLI repo!

It's soo beautiful, informative, and minimalistic! Thanks to @stefaniefluin for the amazing job!
7:34 AM - 13 Aug 2019
Upgrading to Angular 8 and NgRx 8
A Typescript cheat sheet
When TypeScript lies... and how to make it honest
How I rewrote our codebase to TypeScript in a week
How we gradually migrated to TypeScript at Unsplash
Minko Gechev
✨ Three of my favorite features coming in Angular CLI version 8.3:

🔸 Default app redesign
🔸 ng deploy command
🔸 Faster builds with differential loading

In v8.3 the CLI will no longer build your app twice from scratch. It'll build your app once to es2015 and just downlevel.
12:22 AM - 14 Aug 2019
Get the types you want with TypeScript type guards
Finding the solution for import style file in TypeScript
Apply runtime validations at compile time in TypeScript
Content projection in Angular
Manual: widening and narrowing in Typescript
Victor Savkin
Managing State in Angular Applications using NgRx

This is a rework of one of my best posts.

- Examples use NgRx 8, creator functions, entity
- API is rewritten in NestJS
- Aadded Nx to simplify NgRx effects

#angular @nestjs @NxDevTools
6:26 PM - 13 Aug 2019
Introduction to error handling in Angular 7: Part 4
A realtime PWA using Angular and Firebase - Part 1
Introducing Parcel 2.0.0-alpha.1
Top Angular open source projects
🔥Contributions are starting to heat up on the new NestJS Adds In Memory DB module. Thanks @cmwhited and @JordanPowell88. If you want to get in early on an up and coming framework and library then join the fun over at
4:40 PM - 10 Aug 2019
Why combine Babel and TypeScript?
Introducing Storybook Design System
From Vue to Angular
Stop using GIFs on websites
The #AngularConnect schedule is here 🗓

Check out the sessions and plan your conference visit:
6:36 PM - 9 Aug 2019
Sandboxing NodeJS is hard, here is why
It’s time to say thank you to the Angular CLI team
Building fast Angular applications by default
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