Lean Angular components, 404's w/ Angular + Go, rethink reactivity with Ivy & more

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September 25 · Issue #72 · View online
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Lean Angular components
Using the strategy pattern in JavaScript
Sustainable architecture with DDD + monorepos
Why use Nx for monorepos
AccessRole Guard for Angular apps
Minko Gechev
Learn how to audit your Angular apps' accessibility with codelyzer:

◆ Statically enforcing accessibility rules
◆ Supplementing codelyzer with Lighthouse
◆ Enforcing accessibility checks in your CI

Thanks to @mohamedzamakhan for the rules & post!

https://t.co/eKdumD0vIH https://t.co/BWWqSQlpDz
8:00 AM - 12 Sep 2019
How to extend Angular built-in pipes and why
A not working Angular app: 7 common mistakes
'timeRange': RxJS function emitting values in timeouts
How to fix 404's with Angular and Go
Working with TypeScript and GitHub Actions
Yay! My slides for *Angular Ivy Renderer for Dummies* this morning opening #ComponentsConf at Marvel Stadium Melbourne 🌈🦄

🌊 Angular Renderers timeline
🏄‍♂️ Rendering pipeline
🦈 Incremental vs Virtual DOM

#angular #javascript ☀️🚀
4:47 AM - 10 Sep 2019
TypeScript tutorial for starters: the missing guide
Validate data w/ JSON Schema, Angular & TypeScript
Test Driven Development in an Angular world — Part 2
Bootstrap with PrimeNG badge list component
The online JS playground that will blow your mind
Minko Gechev
🔮 Just released a new version of Guess.js that reduces the size of the prefetching instructions significantly!

Now on average you can get 0-5% smaller bundles, depending on how many navigations you can perform from a given page. ⚡️

2:52 PM - 21 Sep 2019
Text-based games w/ Compromise NLP & Angular
A year of refactoring a large scale AngularJS project
Maxime Robert
After a good day at #AngularConnect I found the energy to finish the last blog post of the Enigma series 🔥: "Brute-forcing an encrypted message from Enigma using the web worker API" 🔒💥🔓. It uses generators, observables and of course, #Angular 🤩🎊. https://t.co/sgPpfzyxTh https://t.co/TaBXNj4lFi
8:00 AM - 20 Sep 2019
Future of standalone components after the Ivy release
Frontend development inspired by the culinary world
Rethinking reactivity with Ivy - Mike Ryan at AngularConnect
Video registration of the talk isn’t yet available. This is the pdf version.
Old-fashioned AngularJS in a modern TypeScript World
By Jennifer Wadella.
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