Large Angular app learnings, start flying with NgRx, Typescript 3.4 RC & more

I’m Andrey and currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia.
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

March 22 · Issue #46 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

I’m Andrey and currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia.

News & fundamentals
Intro to RxJS concepts with vanilla JavaScript
Angular ivy compiler finally works on Windows!
Anak I.T.
Do you play with Javascript Arrays a lot and don't know how to solve a particular problem with handling it? Try this Array Explorer:
2:10 AM - 20 Mar 2019
Implement file uploading in Angular reactive forms
NgRx: handle loading and error states of AJAX calls
NativeScript tips and tricks from the {N} Squad
Build a service for large-scale editing experiences
Cool things learned from using Kotlin and Angular
Learn how to access an Angular app(running on localhost) from mobile devices
#Angular #Angular7 #web #chrome #javascript #html #webapp #mobile
1:55 AM - 20 Mar 2019
Large Angular app learnings: manage subscriptions
Akita’s form manager: omitting tough multi-step logic
Ease front-end state management w/ Observable Store
How to start flying with Angular and NgRx
Angular in Azure - Part 2: App Service and DevOps
Build, consume & publish an Angular library to NPM
Henrique Schreiner
@TC39 just launched a new website with all #JavaScript specifications and state of proposals:

3:40 PM - 21 Mar 2019
TypeScript interfaces from back-end code in any IDE
TypeScript for upgrading Ignite and not losing my mind
Node & TypeScript: http requests + multipart/form-data
Babel 7.4.0 released
Announcing TypeScript 3.4 RC
Minko Gechev has support for the Angular template parser ❤️

You can explore any template AST right in your browser
5:55 AM - 21 Mar 2019
10 awesome VS Code extensions
Announcing NestJS 6: what’s new?
Testing your TypeScript code with ts-mockito
How I learn any front-end framework
CLI comparison of Java, JavaScript and Python
Ruairidh W McHardy
Wrote a blog on Javascript hoisting yesterday evening. Cleared up how JS passes through your code and why you see 'undefined' a lot of the time.

#js #javascript #coding #javascript30 #developer #code #dev
9:47 AM - 20 Mar 2019
ADD, OCD, bi-polar & autism, while being a coder
Coen Koopman - Building an Angular component Library
Experimenting with runtime abstraction for state management in Angular 7.2.7
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