Idiomatic Redux, Typescript's 3.7 beta features, NgRx essentials & more

Psst. I'm looking for a colleague that helps me with developing a cloud platform dedicated to fronten
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October 24 · Issue #75 · View online
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Psst. I’m looking for a colleague that helps me with developing a cloud platform dedicated to frontend engineers.

RxJS subjects in depth
Idiomatic Redux: Redux starter kit 1.0
Jennifer Wadella
Slides from my "Supporting an Old-Fashioned AngularJS App in a Modern TypeScript World" talk at @PrairieDevCon
1:15 AM - 24 Oct 2019
Understanding Angular Route resolvers
Angular templates — from start to source
Event emitters in TypeScript
TypeScript error handling with union types
Alexander Nickel
Hey #ngSpain2019,

If you need a working demo of IntersectionObservers in angular (here coming with handy directives), you can take a look here ;)
5:18 PM - 19 Oct 2019
Properly implement lazy loading in Angular 7/8
Compile a components library into web components
Testing asynchronous code using FakeAsync
Angular & CSS grid: dynamic grid properties
Vincent Dagoury
Debugging @typescript with #aws #lambda ?
Oh yeah !
7:37 AM - 22 Oct 2019
Building maps in Angular using Leaflet - Part 1
Exploring web APIs Observers — real life examples
Release Electron 7.0.0
Minko Gechev
npkill is a neat tool that allows you to free up disk space by listing all the node_modules directories you have and letting you remove a subset of them

On the gif below you can see npkill finding over 100GBs of node_modules on my laptop 🤯

8:00 AM - 22 Oct 2019
New Typescript 3.7 beta features
Firefox's new WebSocket Inspector
PrimeNG 8.1.0 released with new carousel
Static types vs dynamic types
Should we rebrand JavaScript?
Memories of web development past
Max Koretskyi aka Wizard
"Inside ag-Grid: techniques to make the fastest JavaScript datagrid in the world" by @maxkoretskyi @ag_grid #webdev #javascript #angular #react
1:10 PM - 22 Oct 2019
10 thoughts on the immediate future of the web
How frontend devs can empower designer’s work
Academic articles
A new approach for creating web applications
Learning lenient parsing & typing via indirect control
Gregor Woiwode - TypeScript’s conditional types
Duration: 33 minutes
Minko Gechev
The Angular Components team provides an a11y package that allows you to build accessible apps with Angular and the CDK (Component Development Kit)

📚 You can
8:00 AM - 24 Oct 2019
Angular + NgRx, exploring the essentials of NgRx
Duration: 75 minutes
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