How TypeScript 3.7 boosts quality, combining Angular and React & more

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How TypeScript 3.7 helps quality
Accessibility in Angular applications
Understanding MVC-Services for frontend
Tony Stevanovich
Angular 9.0.0-rc.1 - released #Angular
5:11 PM - 7 Nov 2019
JavaScript design patterns: singleton & module
Proposal to improve Angular’s ReactiveFormsModule
Angular adaptive components & parent-driven behavior
Real-world reports
Taming dynamic data in TypeScript
Type-safe tuple hierarchies in TypeScript
Pirmin Kalberer
How to Pick a Web Mapping Library for your App by @JamesLMilner -
8:24 PM - 10 Nov 2019
Easily restructure to Typescript path mappings
Simplifying TypeScript code with union types
Versatile Ivy: using Angular and React together
How TypeScript makes you a better JavaScript dev
angular INDEPTH
"Don’t reinvent the wheel when implementing ControlValueAccessor" by @zhaosiyang0909 #angular #webdev #javascript
1:59 PM - 11 Nov 2019
Strategies for cache-busting translation files in Angular
Data transfer between Angular clients & Node.js backends
Lazy loading w/ Angular Elements and ngx-lazy-el
Set up an Angular 8 project with Material and NGXS
Improved debugging of Angular component tests in Jest
Find JavaScript name conflicts on the web (paper)
Michael Bromley
Enjoyed this article:

It inspired me to investigate how the "head()" method and "NonEmpty" type might map to #TypeScript:
11:48 AM - 8 Nov 2019
A secure by default, composable future for Wasm
Magical TypeScript features and how they help NgRx
Duration: 31 minutes
How CloudCherry built a world-class Angular app
Duration: 40 minutes
NestJS, bring order to your node application - Vlad Ioffe
Duration: 38 minutes
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