How Allianz uses Angular, control unexpected data at runtime & more

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Pure vs. impure pipes in Angular
Dependency inversion in Angular
Announcing Meteor 1.8.2

Official TypeScript package included in new applications and a reference for how to make TypeScript and Meteor work together
10:08 PM - 29 Nov 2019
Why you will not find components in Angular
Factories and their implementation in TypeScript
Real-world reports
Standardizing TypeScript
How do NgRx action creators work?
Franco Ponticelli
#tempo is alive! 🎉🥳
After almost two years in the making I finally released my #ui #framework for #TypeScript:
11:02 PM - 30 Nov 2019
How I reverse engineered RxJs - Part 2
Tackling form control’s error messages in Angular
How Allianz uses Schematics and ng update for its UI
Control unexpected data at runtime with TypeScript
Create a Docker Image with GitHub Actions & Angular
Ivan Fraixedes
Super-fast #typescript / #javascript compiler, a fast alternative for babel, written in #rust
8:35 AM - 4 Dec 2019
Build an Angular 8 application w/ API request in 10 min.
Demystify RxJS - Part 1: building our own observables
Setup Prettier for Typescript
Spring REST TypeScript Generator
David K. 🎹
🚀 XState v4.7 is released, with many improvements & new features:

✅ Typestates (strongly-typed states + context)
🐟 Fully compat w/ RxJS
💥 New action creators
*⃣ Wildcard transitions
🛠️ Refactored algorithms
➕ Much more!

Post + updated viz coming 🔜
3:26 PM - 2 Dec 2019
Angular vs Svelte - card component
Typed javascript isn't just a return to the past
WebVR: unlock Wasm's and AssemblyScript's potential
Announcing Angular Colorado 2020! A one day, first-class learning experience, fueled by all-star Angular presenters, divided into 2 tracks- morning for management- afternoon for devs. Space is limited- Register today! #angularcolorado2020 #angular
9:46 PM - 20 Nov 2019
Academic articles
Microsoft Makecode
Duration: 31 minutes
Diving into TypeScript design metadata with NestJS
Duration: 29 minutes
Create your own hacker nebula with Angular Blockly
Duration: 23 minutes
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