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Angular Weekly

September 18 · Issue #71 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

JavaScript testing 101
Dependency injection & inversion explained
Read-only array and tuple types in TypeScript
Test driven development in an Angular world Test driven development in an Angular world
6 most common types of logic in large applications
The 5 big TypeScript 3.7 features and how to use them
Guarding your Angular modules
The organization of Typescript projects
Practical ways to write better JavaScript
Please check out my article on how to use Angular CLI to create a lazy load path / module

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2:39 AM - 18 Sep 2019
How to handle easily 'this' in JavaScript
Testing Angular application via app actions
Including library assets into Angular applications
How to test observables
Client side validation Angular
An Angular change detection challenge
Amadou Sall
🔥The slides of my talk at @ngdeconf—“Angular Material or Bootstrap? Stop Asking the Question!”—are online.

Thank you very much for having me.

📝Blog post:
1:40 PM - 2 Sep 2019
Creating behavioral components in Angular
Easily reuse components across projects and repos
Chrome extension with Angular — from 0 to little hero
Storybook 5.2
Share Angular libraries with Lerna
Browserless: Chrome as a service in Docker
Test your Angular app with a local mock API JSON Server Test your Angular app with a local mock API JSON Server
After effects animations safely integrated in Angular
Open-source 2D/3D engine for high-performance games
Framework hell
Why I don't use a DI container
Denys Vuika
I also think Zones was the major mistake @Angular guys did It’s fast to save the time on start but absolute performance nightmare in the long run. I have plenty cases too, it’s not just about web sockets
12:44 PM - 14 Sep 2019
Becoming a logician with TypeScript
Type checking JavaScript in VSCode without TypeScript
Scientific papers
ChaffyScript: defense of JavaScript exploits
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