Gödel's system T in TypeScript, preloading Angular bundles, ng Vikings 2019 & more

Hi, I’m Andrey, your curator. Currently I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Btw, feel free to
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Angular Weekly

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Hi, I’m Andrey, your curator. Currently I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Btw, feel free to join my mailing via this rss link.

Gödel's system T in TypeScript
Debugging Angular PWA’s locally
Don't overcomplicate Angular migrations
Derek Gusoff
A PowerShell profile with a "CD" in it will break TypeScript Azure Functions local debugging in VS Code: https://t.co/XCojyhtUyI
5:18 AM - 29 May 2019
Having fun w/ Angular and Typescript transformers
Fix common Angular performance problems like a doc
Unit testing in Angular
Callback hell, promises, and async/await
You pick which Angular bundles to preload
Vincent Ogloblinsky
👏 Congrats to the @angular team for their incredible work with v8 and Ivy !
Here is the results of migrating Angular Elements from v7 to v8 with Ivy.
Thanks to @ManfredSteyer for his work on ngx-build-plus
🏍️ Benchmark results : https://t.co/QMhSoen3DV https://t.co/s6gHwG9UaF
12:09 PM - 3 Jun 2019
Interactive mortgage calculator form with FormQL
Preload bundles in case of good network connectivity
Your options for building Angular Elements w/ the CLI
Visual Studio Code 1.35
Visual testing with Cypress
Ferdinand Malcher
⚡️Blogged: #NgRx 8.0.0 is out! Read about the new features in my (German) blog post 📝👇👇👇 #angular https://t.co/qDbcGuoXJd
10:05 PM - 7 Jun 2019
17 Angular libraries you should know about
Your first performance budget with Lighthouse
What is a process?
Plot to steal cryptocurrency foiled by the npm...
Former NPM CTO is back with rival package registry
The economics of open source by C J Silverio | JSConf EU 2019
Baking accessibility into components: how frameworks help
Scientific papers
Estimating the maintenance effort of JavaScript apps
Tail latency in Node.js: energy efficient turbo boosting for long tail requests in JavaScript
Links to slides & presentations from ngVikings
Web components: the Lego bricks of web developers
Super scalable, robust architecture for Angular at an enterprise
Gina Reynolds
Made a basic racing barchart with #gganimate, because of inspiration from @FinancialTimes @jburnmurdoch. The steps: https://t.co/GPnMa56tiO #ggplot2 #rstats Part of a new project: "The Little Flipbook Library"! 😊 https://t.co/lD9ytQchKj https://t.co/RdLSy2I4k6
11:03 PM - 27 May 2019
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