Escaping pipeline hell, error handling with Angular, Typescript's roadmap & more

Hi, I'm Andrey. I'm using Angular to build developer platform Jexia.
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Hi, I’m Andrey. I’m using Angular to build developer platform Jexia.

Escaping pipeline hell
TypeScript type inference guide
Minko Gechev
Conditional ES5 Browser Polyfill Loading will help us ship fewer bytes of JavaScript to modern browsers

First of the many steps we'll make this year for faster Angular applications ❤️
9:17 PM - 10 Jan 2019
Background sync with service workers
An AssemblyScript primer (for TypeScript developers)
Understanding RxJS map, mergeMap, switchMap and concatMap
Creatively decouple ngOnChanges
Best way to unsubscribe RxJS observables
What was that ‘flushMicrotasks’ thing again?
Minko Gechev
Before focusing on micro-optimizations, consider these low hanging fruits for optimizing your Angular app:

🔧 Use the Angular CLI
🗜 Compress your assets brotli/gzip
✂️ Use code-splitting with loadChildren

💨 Preload routes
⚡️ Use the Angular Service worker
5:36 AM - 8 Jan 2019
Using the 7–1 Sass/SCSS pattern with Angular 7
Error Handling with Angular 6 - Tips and Best Practices
Why you shouldn’t use NO_ERRORS_SCHEMA in unit tests
Getting spinny with Angular
Angular Performance Tuning (Part-1)
Create Ionic App that uses BehaviorSubject and Shared Service
Ander Conal
By JavaScriptDaily: Creating a Reusable Accordion Component That Works Anywhere: (How to make a web component using Angular Elements which can now be used with any or no framework.).
8:50 PM - 6 Jan 2019
Angular Nested Reactive Forms — Using CVAs
Opinionated guidelines for large nx angular projects
Serve modern code to modern browsers for faster page loads
What’s new in Angular CLI 7.2?
TypeScript 2.8: conditional types
36 essential tools for JavaScript developers
Robust backends with Nx 7.3 and NestJS
TypeScript roadmap: January - June 2019
What if we could verify npm packages?
Why every new web app at PayPal starts with TypeScript
A hybrid migration from AngularJS to Angular—A case study
Remote jobs
Auth0 - Full-Stack Engineer
RavenOps - Remote Full Stack Engineer
Invinsec - Full Stack Software Developer
Framebridge - Software Engineer, Frontend (Mid-Sr)
UX Design and Code Generation for Angular Apps
Monitoring Document And Element Scroll Percentages Using RxJS In Angular 6.0.2
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