Deprecated Angular APIs & features, Angular performance playground & more

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy the re
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Deprecated Angular APIs and features
Angular platforms - Part 1: defining them
Nils Hartmann 🌻
TIL: A new @TypeScript handbook is currently being written:


And it already contains an updated discussion about the differences between Type Aliases and Interfaces:

9:18 AM - 12 Jul 2019
Micro frontends: Liferay portlets approach - Part 2
Typescript classes: properties & special cases
Testing static types in TypeScript
Angular architecture patterns & best practice
Implementing an efficient LRU cache in JavaScript
Angular In Depth
Using #Angular-Elements in a Chrome Extension by @chemodanchyk #webdev #javascript
11:04 AM - 4 Jul 2019
Type-checking templates in Angular ViewEngine & Ivy
Optimizing change detection triggered by DOM events
Using Typescript to make invalid states irrepresentable
The Streams API
All about TypeScript static members
Angular 8 - custom modal window / dialog box
🇧🇷🇵🇹 Tiago Temporin
🎉🎉 New release of Material Community Components!!!!
First version with #SpeedDial component! 🤩🥳
10:55 PM - 10 Jul 2019
Build your Pokédex: Part 1 - introduction to NgRX
Highlight map regions w/ Angular & a reverse geocoder
Reduce Angular forms boilerplate — make them reusable
Angular performance playground
Ionic Angular performance tuning
Darren Coral
Hanzi Writer – JavaScript library for Chinese character stroke order animations #Hanzi #Writer#Javascript
12:53 PM - 11 Jul 2019
Angular & a headless CMS with Contentful
NgXS in a nutshell with Angular code sample
Faster web navigation with predictive prefetching
Unraveling the JPEG
JavaScript from the inside out!
It's not about micro frontends, but cutting domains!
All presentations of the 1st Angular InDepthConf
NgRx & RxJS | Ferdinand Malcher & Johannes Hoppe
I made an online tool that allows you to search Spotify for the top artists in each genre. Try searching for "Portland" or "Portland Metal" to see artists in your area.

Check it out:

(Spotify account currently required)

#javascript #spotify
11:09 PM - 11 Jul 2019
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