Bazel’s opt-in preview in Angular CLI, 10 Angular mistakes, TypeScript cheat sheet

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your u
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your upcoming weekend!

Prototyping with Angular
Introduction to @ngrx/effects
I always wanted to be part of the producers in the software development industry, not just the consumers. I finally started a blog! My first post is about the Angular CLI Would love to hear your feedback :)
2:07 AM - 24 Jun 2019
Try Bazel’s opt-in preview in Angular CLI
Understand the magic behind Angular Elements
Handling safe destructuring in TypeScript
What I learnt during 3 years of Angular 2+
Improve your Jest test code w/ Typescript ADTs
Chris Portscheller
The biggest Angular Universal gotchas, and how to avoid them – Will Taylor Blog
5:21 PM - 24 Jun 2019
Micro frontends: liferay portlets approach - Part 1
7 mistakes to avoid when leaving AngularJS for Angular
What is withholding your Angular team’s productivity?
Optimize Angular bundle size in 4 steps
Sync your state in local storage with NgRx
Petr Nikolas 🇨🇿
📢 Hi, I just launched a Angular Awesome Resources - The list of the best Angular tools and resources for everything and for everyone. Blog articles, tools, libraries, open source projects, etc. ❤️🎉🎊

#angular #awesome @angular
8:01 PM - 26 Jun 2019
Building a TypeScript monorepo with Bazel
DTOs, mappers & the repo pattern with Sequelize ORM
TypeScript cheat sheet
Just: the task library that just works
The Sucrase #JavaScript/TypeScript compiler aims at providing significantly faster development builds than the standard #Babel compiler. Faster builds mean faster iterations, specially when testing on a large #codebase.
10:11 PM - 26 Jun 2019
Automate E2E Testing in Angular with Protractor
Create GraphQL + REST APIs w/ TypeScript & decorators
The secret of good Electron apps
10 common mistakes of Angular developers
Jony Ive is leaving Apple. Here’s the @ft exclusive
10:54 PM - 27 Jun 2019
CapScript: strongly typed ECMAScript subset
Real risk of Facebook’s Libra coin is crooked devs
Feature request: Typescript check opt out on Canary
TypeScript and linters with Adam Argyle
Five things about RxJS and reactive programming
Today I start migration from Node.js Express to Node.js Nest which looks very similar to Spring MVC concepts I am familiar with.

Thanks @academind_real for your tutorial you posted on @Youtube today:

@nodejs @YouTube @java @springcentral
9:17 PM - 27 Jun 2019
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