Announcing TypeScript 3.7, be ready for Angular 9, static TypeScript & more

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Announcing TypeScript 3.7
TypeScript 3.7 is finally here!

✔ Optional Chaining & Coalescing
✔ Assertion Functions
✔ .d.ts Emit From .js Files
✔ Smarter Control Flow Analysis
✔ Flatter Error Messages

and more! Check out the blog post today!
6:16 PM - 5 Nov 2019
Exciting times — be ready for Angular 9
Google Maps is now an Angular component
The ten commandments of Angular development
Real-world reports (aka best-practices)
Create a sketchpad with Angular & P5JS
How to publish web components to NPM
Mocking server sent events: development and CI
Feature reducer with Ngrx
How to use TypeScript generics
Migrate your Angular library to Jest
The JavaScript Dev
A few years ago, I presented a session intended to help Node.js developers better understand the benefits of enhancing their JavaScript code by embracing TypeScript.

{ author: @jeremylikness } #DEVCommunity
4:08 PM - 2 Nov 2019
Component reusability techniques with Angular
Don’t let Angular Universal break you (or your app)
NestJS: Angular window to server-side programming
Updating to Angular version 9
Announcing release Babel 7.7.0
Announcing the Capacitor ngAdd Schematic
Landmarks, a customizable HTML and XML parser written in TypeScript, powers subtitle conversion from TTML to WebVTT #TypeScript #javascript
6:15 PM - 1 Nov 2019
NativeScript 6.2, containing dark mode
The new Angular Youtube Player component
Tiny interactions lib, based on Web Animations API
Academic articles
Static TypeScript: implementation of a static compiler
Unakite: scaffold dev's decision-making using the web
TypeScript - Beyond the basics
Duration: 51 minutes
Real-time stream processing MorseCode in RxJS
Duration: 30 minutes
TypeScript: now officially Airbnb's web dev language
Duration: 26 minutes
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