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Angular Weekly

December 21 · Issue #33 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

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Angular libraries and microservices
New in Angular 7: better navigations
Ben Lesh 🧢🏋️‍♂️💻🎨
This is my second talk from @ngNewYork last night: Live-coding an Observable from scratch.

This talk is an attempt to demystify what an Observable is, what pipe is, and what operators are.

#RxJS #JavaScript

7:50 PM - 7 Dec 2018
Angular asynchronous test patterns and recipes
Angular @ViewChild: in-depth explanation (all features covered)
Lossless backpressure in RxJS
Simulating events in Angular unit tests
Unzip files in the browser with Angular 7
Designing a loading screen to fit your app
Debug Angular apps in production without revealing source maps
Juan Roa
Practical RxJS In The Wild 🦁— Requests with concatMap() vs mergeMap() vs forkJoin() 🥊 by @tomastrajan https://t.co/QzCCMOlzFG
12:11 AM - 19 Dec 2018
5 tips to improve user experience of your Angular app with NgRx
Don't use functions inside Angular templates and what to use instead
Boost Angular’s performance by lazy loading your modules
TensorFlow.js — Real-time object detection in 10 Lines of Code
Speed Up JavaScript array processing
Automate your NPM publish with GitHub Actions
Addy Osmani
📢 Announcing… quicklink! <1KB library to..
⚡ Automatically prefetch links in the viewport during idle time
⏳ Attempt to make next-page navigations load faster
📡 Data-considerate: doesn't prefetch on 2G or if Data Saver on

https://t.co/sseOyOtPTI https://t.co/ri6bzvxT7N
8:32 AM - 13 Dec 2018
Why I no longer use D3.js
Google Dev Blog: building the shape system for material design
Angular testing in TDD | Shai Reznik
Angular Testing In TDD | Shai Reznik | AngularConnect 2018
Introduction to GraphQL APIs with AppSync, Amplify and Angular
I Wish You All a Merry Christmas !!!
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