Angular's 8.0, create a complex web table, NGXS 3, HoloLens in the browser & more

I currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia. Questions? Feedback? Please let me kno
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

I currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia. Questions? Feedback? Please let me know.

A plan for version 8.0 and Ivy
Insights into Angular’s EventManagerPlugin
Tree-shakable components & optional NgModules
Tooltip with Angular CDK
Type-safe frontend development
Ben Lesh 🧢🏋️‍♂️💻🎨
Today @ladyleet and I did a live-stream all about error handling operators and error propagation in #RxJS! #Yolobrolo
4:57 AM - 7 Feb 2019
State management with NGRX and NGXS
State management with only services and RxJS
How to architect a complex web table
Managing image breakpoints with Angular
Minko Gechev
📚 Angular CLI features which can make you more productive & improve your bundle size

🔸 Conditional Polyfill Serving
🔸 Hidden Source Maps
🔸 Looking up the Documentation
🔸 Profiling the Build
🔸 Open the Browser on `ng serve`
6:31 AM - 11 Feb 2019
Replace a hot path in your JavaScript with WebAssembly
Starting with Webpack - Part 4: write modern JavaScript
Release Bootstrap 4.3
State operators in NGXS 3
Help the Angular team better understand your needs by taking this 1 minute survey!

There's an extended survey at the end too if you aren't a fan of short surveys. :)
11:38 PM - 11 Feb 2019
RxJS: what’s changed with shareReplay?
The future of JavaScript tooling (podcast)
How ads are loaded so fast: the command queue pattern
More perspective:
“I can no longer ignore TypeScript’s momentum. Now that I’ve started to pay attention, holy type safety Batman, it’s everywhere!”
Remote jobs
What about a HoloLens or MagicLeap straight from the browser?
Bring JavaScript to the Internet of Things - From Embedded Device to Smart Gateway
BinAST: Let's make the JavaScript startup bottleneck a thing of the past!
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