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Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. I’m currently using Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy t
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. I’m currently using Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy this week!

From the core team
Angular tools for high performance
🔥 Angular CLI 8.3.0 is out and it has two brand new features!

🔸 Redesigned ng new app
🔸 ng deploy command

Allows deployment directly from the CLI to @Firebase, @Azure, @zeithq, @Netlify, and @GitHub

📚 Read more here
11:38 PM - 22 Aug 2019
Frontend architecture for Angular applications
SOLID: dependency inversion principle in Angular
TypeScript: validate mapped types and const context
Testing asynchronous RxJs operators
The --showConfig Compiler option in TypeScript
Microfrontends - when they aren't the answer (React, Angular, Vue etc) by @chriskitson #javascript #react #angular via @JavaScriptKicks
9:45 AM - 20 Aug 2019
Managing side effects with component action streams
Never use function calls in Angular template expressions
Using code editors more efficiently - things I've learned
Getting started with NestJS
Scalable multi-platform projects with Angular and Nx
Regression testing with Gauge, Docker and Selenium
Spectator V4: simplify your Angular tests
Enjoy off-the-shelf Angular Material tables
Marco Cipriani (Red)
Predictive prefetching with Guess.js @mgechev
11:14 AM - 28 Aug 2019
Building reusable GitHub Actions in TypeScript
How to build custom tools in a Nrwl Nx workspace
Why I use TypeScript
Tired of Stack Overflow
Breaking down the last monolith - micro frontends
Maxime Robert
New #angular blog post out 😄! (a small one this time)

"Easily extract a falsy value from an observable using the async pipe ?"
9:25 AM - 26 Aug 2019
Modernizing Apache Flink's internals to Angular 7.x.
Reaching 1000 GitHub Stars in your open-source software
Slide deck: what's coming to Angular version 9
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