Angular folder structure, working with .Svg in Angular CLI 8, Akita 3.0 & more

I'm Andrey and currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia.
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Angular Weekly

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I’m Andrey and currently use Angular to build developer platform Jexia.

Angular unit testing @ViewChild
Angular folder structure — Follow the DOM
Test Driven Development in an Angular world
Slaying the UI AngularJS monolith with a micro frontend
Why you HAVE to unsubscribe from Observable
Svg files as component templates w/ Angular CLI
TrackBy w/ ngFor Directives in Angular application
RxJS show spinner for a minimum amount of time
Automatically upgrade lazy-loaded modules for Ivy
Building a web app with Spring Boot and Angular
Why you should use reduce instead of loops -- Part I
Vitalii Bobrov
In case you haven't seen this - RxJS Puzzles 🧩⚡️
Ethereum DApp w/ Angular, Angular Material & NgRx
Building Angular & React applications together with Nx
Angular and Bokeh
A lightweight TypeScript utility library
You asked for it, and now it’s here: Akita 3.0
My favorite Angular libraries to use in any project
Modular Material Design UI components
A JavaScript-free frontend
working on a little tool that instantly recompiles and visualizes your #RxJS , #baconjs or #kefirjs code. Helps me understand event queues in time. Need your feedback 🦉
Your Angular module is a SCAM!
What I don’t like in your repoMedium
Node.js and JS foundations are merging to form OpenJS
When a string is not a string: Angular Component libraries - Thomas & Fabian
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