Angular Console 6 Beta-2, higher order reducers, top CLI Flags & more

Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions her
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Angular Weekly

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Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

Angular console 6 beta-2 is released!
Introducing RxFire: easy async Firebase for all frameworks
Angular abyss: service scope
Demystifying function overloading in TypeScript
Rocking the web with PWA
Fun with higher order reducers
Sharing data between modules is peanuts
Netanel Basal
#Angular Quick Tip: Change Input() and subscribe to Output() from the console.
8:08 AM - 13 Sep 2018
Add a blog to your Angular website using markdown files
Upgrading from AngularJS UI-Router to Angular Router: learnings
JS demos with Webpack 4, Angular 6.1.7 and AoT Compiling
Angular 6 tutorial: new features with new power
Handling Angular forms race conditions with RxJS
🚀 NEW amazing @Ionicframework tutorial covering Web Components, Shadow DOM, CSS 4 Variables and @stenciljs. Understanding the new components architecture in #Ionic4. As always, with a free example #ionic app! Enjoy it 💙
8:33 PM - 8 Sep 2018
Angular dynamic components: building a dialog system
Three ways to dynamically alter form validation in Angular
Must Have Tools for Angular Developers in 2018
Handling payment in NativeScript using Stripe and FireStore
Top Angular CLI Flags you should know
Top Angular CLI Flags You Should Know - YouTube
JS "this" and function references - what is it all about?
JS "this" and Function References - What is it all about? - YouTube
Testing Angular apps with Jasmine: types of tests
Testing Angular 4 (previously Angular 2) Apps with Jasmine : Types of Tests - YouTube
Max Wizard K
Check out this clever usage of left shift bitwise operator by #Angular . It's a simple bitmask that encodes different types of nodes. I was looking in code for something like `...0001` or `...0010`, but they encode it with the shift operator `1 << 0` and `1 << 1` #javascript
7:25 PM - 10 Sep 2018
Alexey Zuev
How well do you know #Angular?
Given that:

@Directive({selector: '[a]', host: {id: 'A'}})
class DirA{}
@Directive({selector: '[b]', host: {id: 'B'}})
class DirB{}
@NgModule({...,declarations: [DirA, DirB]})
class AppModule { }

Which id will these divs have?

<div a b>
<div b a>
8:01 AM - 14 Sep 2018
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