Angular 8.2, flaky tests, introduction Angular Elements, Storybook 5.2 & more

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your c
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Hi, I’m Andrey, your weekly curator. Nowadays I use Angular to build dev platform Jexia. Enjoy your coming work week!

Managing state in Angular
Directives vs. components
Joe Ingeno
6:55 AM - 1 Aug 2019
Learning by implementing: Observables
Understanding Angular life cycle hooks
Flaky tests
How I built an interactive map from scratch
Decorators do not work as you might expect
Marcell Kiss
🤞🔒🔑 Fingerprint authentication right from the browser is awesome! I built an open-source Angular example, showcasing, how Web Authentication API works. Looking forward for your feedback.
2:57 PM - 23 Jul 2019
The best refactoring you've never heard of
A little trick with Angular forms and directives
Drive legacy web apps w/ 3 great web platform APIs
Build your Pokédex: Part 2
Clean up your code with destructing
Implicit flow vs. code flow with PKCE
Your own image classifier w/ Angular & Tensorflow.js
How to add async validators to an Angular reactive form
Build an enterprise scalable dashboard w/ Angular - Part 2
Introducing Angular Elements
Storybook 5.2 introduces Component Story Format
Minko Gechev
Finally, the `ng deploy` command is about to land in the Angular CLI! 🔥
4:50 AM - 31 Jul 2019
Updated NgRx schematics + improved logging in Nx 8.3
Themeable, statically extracted CSS‑in‑JS, near 0 runtime
Deploy Angular apps easier
Introduction to Svelte
TypeScript is a waste of time. Change my mind.
Maxime Robert
I published a new blog post explaining how Enigma, the encryption device used during WW2 works 🤖. Part 1 is to understand the machine, 2 will be about implementing it using #typescript, 3 about how to crack an encrypted msg from your browser 🔓🔥.
10:13 AM - 1 Aug 2019
Complex features made easy with RxJS - Ben Lesh
How to inject TypeScript into existing projects
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