Angular 7 virtual scrolling, making Redux modular, a custom TSLint rule & more

Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions her
Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

October 26 · Issue #25 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

Andrey uses Angular to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

WebAssembly, JavaScript links get faster in Firefox
Angular v7 is here, but 7.1.0 is already breathing down its neck
Angular virtual scrolling
Angular Schematics — going a bit more in depth
How to use npm-link
Making Redux modular
Testing Angular container components
Stephen Fluin
Now the question is, what do you want next from #Angular?
10:19 PM - 18 Oct 2018
Writing a custom TSLint rule for Angular
Angular DevOps series: CT/CI with Travis CI and GitHub Pages
Angular DevOps Series: semantically release your Angular library
Minko Gechev
📣 New article with interactive demos
Play Mortal Kombat with your webcam & TensorFlow.js 🥊

Learn how to:
✅ Collect & augment a dataset
✅ Transfer learning with MobileNet
✅ Build a classification model
✅ Train it in Node.js
✅ Use it in the browser
8:09 AM - 25 Oct 2018
Spreading love in LinkedIn feeds with creator-side optimization
New access token with Redux observables and refresh token API
Unit testing tour of heroes: hero Service
What I learned about Progressive Web App — Part 1
What I learned about Progressive Web App— Part 2
Alexey Zuev
Did you know #Angular can support arrow function in template?
7:24 AM - 25 Oct 2018
NativeScript ListView skeleton screens with Angular & RxJS
Medium's real-time applause feature with Angular and Pusher
Microservices for the Masses with Spring Boot, Angular, and JHipster
Angular 7 state management with Redux (NgRx 6)
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