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Angular Weekly

Angular Weekly

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Weekly curated blogs and tools for Angular pros.

What’s new after Angular 8
Microsoft's new handbook with TypeScript basics
Expected: TypeScript subset for embedded devices
Nominal types are coming to TypeScript
Wrocław TypeScript
This is huge: nominal types are coming to TypeScript🥳

🙋‍♂️ Motivation: https://t.co/EyhMLwygP0
👨‍🏭 Pull request: https://t.co/2LxGlXQ5ZE https://t.co/2R5n71QYu6
2:18 PM - 2 Sep 2019
Debugging TypeScript in Firefox DevTools
Flexible caching and refreshing w/ RxJS in Angular
SSR Angular/Ionic — a workaround
Want to give your primitive type an alias that persists?
Wrocław TypeScript
Want to give your primitive type an alias that persists?

Use an `interface` instead of a `type`.

🚫 Type aliases donʼt preserve their names¹
✅ Interfaces do

👨‍💻 Playground: https://t.co/vI8Fa4IOaF https://t.co/v2PwhI0vNM
12:46 AM - 8 Sep 2019
Configuring an Angular CLI project with GraphQL
Building a skinnable, multi-tenant Angular application
Machine learning for front-end devs with Tensorflow.js
Try out the new Typescript playground
./orta --tsc
Want to try out the new @typescript playground based learning system before it goes live?

- ~40 focused examples covering novice-mid TS
- Keeps track of what you’ve learned
- Built for IDE-like learning

- Comments: https://t.co/ROym4pTldE
- Explore: https://t.co/3HulPcbxiD https://t.co/Z2R3z72K11
12:43 AM - 2 Sep 2019
How to learn D3.js
Frontend e2e testing with Cypress
WebGL accelerated JS lib to train and deploy ML models
Nicholas Jamieson
Just published a beta version of eslint-plugin-rxjs which contains conversions for most of the RxJS TSLint rules: https://t.co/m4IJhdD6jS Thanks to @tim_deschryver and @dkosasih1 for all the help!
12:35 AM - 2 Sep 2019
Bitwarden: extension vault for Chrome, Firefox, Edge
Web build tools: repo for large scale web development
Botpress: create chatbots & AI-based virtual assistants
Tomas Trajan 🐻 🇨🇭
🔥 YAAS 🎉🎉
🐘a BIG new feature just landed in


⭐which brings its support of #microfrontends to a new level!

✅fully configurable UIs!
✅load element configuration during runtime
✅also, pre-configure isModule flag

📖 https://t.co/aBjd48LcF4 https://t.co/sjJvEbpmcb
12:02 PM - 5 Sep 2019
Don't get locked up into avoiding lock-in
Perspectives from contributing to Angular
λ Calrissian
My slides for the Past, Present and Future of RxJS at @rxjslive are up on GitHub https://t.co/f9EOv3oAKV I hope you all learned a bit of where we came from, and where I'm thinking we are going
7:10 PM - 6 Sep 2019
Design decisions for an embedded analytics framework
MVC: detailed insight to modern web apps development
Not sold yet, GraphQL: tale from skeptic to enthusiast
Garrett Heinlen talks about how Netflix builds and deploys GraphQL and how they are running it in production.
RxJS Live
Videos of the presentations will be uploaded shortly after the conference. Be sure to subscribe to our Youtube channel at https://t.co/YYLCuWf5oS #rxjs
11:00 PM - 6 Sep 2019
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