9 Angular ideas often overlooked, 6 micro front-end patterns, schema-dts & more

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Angular promises versus observables
Practical guide to Angular: components & NgModules
Last guide for Angular change detection you'll ever need
Real-world reports
How I wrote NgRx Store in 63 lines of code
(A)synchronous validators for template validation
@Van__Dev @walkingriver Start with https://t.co/hQieutKagQ it’s chocked full of goodness. Also I have several articles on https://t.co/0xNcoNJMP9 around NgRx. Also there is a good example of an app built mostly with best practices here: https://t.co/GSs4hOvzAz
2:48 PM - 14 Nov 2019
9 ideas for Angular often overlooked by developers
Collapse sticky elements and maintain scroll offsets in Angular
6 patterns for microfrontends
TypeScript DDD: handling updates on aggregates
Ian Macalinao
New design pattern -- defining constants in Google Sheets then using them in my frontend with https://t.co/JBmM72Ld20

This makes config really easy. Also, with TypeScript, you can even infer the types of the rows associated with different sheets.

6:33 PM - 16 Nov 2019
Maximizing Angular performance by removing Zone
File upload w/ FormData, HttpClient, RxJS & Material ProgressBar
Material Design implemented as web components
Moveable: component that creates Moveable & more
Justin Fagnani
I want a version of `npm install` that automatically installs types from DefinitelyTyped if they're available. 💥
6:45 PM - 15 Nov 2019
Recipes for testing common scenarios with Cypress
Using Netlify to ease the CI/CD pipeline with Angular
Improving dev experience for writing structured data
TypeScript & Javascript ORM exploration
Thomas Burleson
I read a blog recently about a functional approach to switch statements using `switchCase`. I improved the blogged version and added TypeScript support with Generics.

Only to get blocked by complex generic types. Jedi-Master @phenomnominal rescued me; Thank you so much Craig! https://t.co/GCiaCMfJig
9:43 PM - 14 Nov 2019
Apple is trying to kill web technology
How TypeScript can unite the engineering tribes
Nrwl Connect Live with Ben Lesh: RxJS
Duration: 63 minutes
ngHouston - RxJS Observables w/ Mayra Rodriguez
Duration: 44 minutes
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