When class-based beats Hooks, indoor navigation with ViroReact, RxJS 7.0 & more

React Ninjas Newsletter

React Ninjas Newsletter

December 31 · Issue #85 · View online
Weekly curated blogs and tools for React pros.

What are the React team principles?
When class-based React beats Hooks
TypeScript types deep dive - 3 part series
Real-world reports
Mapbox marker clustering
Type narrowing in TypeScript
End-to-end frontend testing at Haptik
𝗝𝗶𝗺 "I have spoken" 𝗪𝗮𝗹𝗹𝗮𝗰𝗲
Stop being assholes during pull requests. A how to guide:
3:34 PM - 19 Dec 2019
How I made the periodic table w/ CSS Grid & React
Using AR to create indoor navigation with ViroReact
Polyglot programming in Vim
Adaptive loading: better web perf on low-end devices
Trimming bundle fat w/ Webpack Analyzer & Suspense
EasyPZ.js pan & zoom
React Hooks library of UmiJS
Alibaba/uform: ⚡React high performance form
React hooks for RxJS. Contribute to LeetCode-OpenSource/rxjs-hooks development by creating an account on GitHub. https://t.co/bRUIZXidij
3:43 PM - 30 Dec 2019
Exploring the Chakra UI React component library
React for Vue developers - Part 2
DDD and functional pure UI components
Ara Framework
We updated the Ara docs with the Nova architecture for single web applications. We'll release more updates for SPA developers soon. #microfrontends #spa #react #vuejs

4:31 AM - 27 Dec 2019
Why users care about how you write code
Micro front-end architecture: design principles
Leigh Halliday - React area chart comparison
Duration: 12 minutes
TypeScript Conference
Just in time for the holidays, #TSConf is serving up the full list of TSConf 2019 speaker videos for the binge-watcher in you! @typescript #TypeScript https://t.co/bq1cHvV4sD https://t.co/lEpJ9MJ0a4
12:34 AM - 21 Dec 2019
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React Ninjas Newsletter is a mailing consisting of the finest blogs and tools curated for React pros. I’m Andrés, your curator, working from an office in Amsterdam to develop Jexia, a web app in the cloud that provides frontend devs with hosting and various serverless back-end functions.
Reach out to me via andres at reactninjasnewsletter.com.
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