Week of React: data patterns, -60% load time & React Native in GrabPay

Hi! I’m your curator Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. By the way, just feel free to joi
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June 7 · Issue #59 · View online
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Hi! I’m your curator Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. By the way, just feel free to join my mailing via this rss link.

Web best-practices
React data survival kit
Native HTML lazyload in React
Dan Abramov
A reminder to use production version of React when testing performance. It’s several times faster than what you see on CodeSandbox (which runs DEV version and is deoptimized in other ways). https://t.co/mChZgv5MIk
8:52 AM - 6 Jun 2019
Self positioning React components
How we reduced our React app’s load time by 60%
Mobile best-practices
React Native in GrabPay
Complex navigation example w/ React Navigation
William Candillon
Everything SDK 33 from @expo just makes sense. Just built my first example with the new <Transition> API from @kzzzf Reanimated. I love it. It just makes such a great story when it comes to React Native animations.
3:23 PM - 6 Jun 2019
Web tutorials
React Context API
Creating animations using React Spring
React JSX: how to do it the right way - Part 2
Meanwhile, three of our front-end developers recently enjoyed a couple of days in Paris @ReactEurope 2019. Here are their highlights from both days of the event: https://t.co/rcecUQqbqm

#React #ReactEurope #WebDevelopment
6:00 PM - 7 Jun 2019
The 80/20 guide to JSON.stringify in JavaScript
Create a React app from scratch w/ Webpack & Babel
Mobile tutorials
Couchbase lite with React Native on iOS
Building a mini Instagram clone with React Native
React tools
Frontity v1 release candidate
How to start using Sketch and Framer X
A.J.  ⁶𓅓
I’ve been learning a lot of about #ReactNative the past couple of weeks. Excited to document this journey learning how to code.

Check out my progress on my blog!

7:01 PM - 3 Jun 2019
React & Mapbox: a map made in heaven - Part 3
Continuous deployment with Lerna and Buildkite
Search is a team effort
To have a future, Ember must kill its past
Baking accessibility into components: how frameworks help
Scientific paper
Estimating the maintenance effort of JavaScript apps
Alin Turcu & Gratian Dicu: Hook up your React Native app
Stencil: a built-time approach to the web (by Manu Martinez)
Stencil: a built-time approach to the web by Manu Martinez-Almeida | JSConf EU 2019
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