Week of React #62: 10 component rules, basketball stats via D3 & a Fiber deep dive .

Hi, I’m Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Interested in React Native? Check out my other
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Hi, I’m Andrés, currently building dev platform Jexia. Interested in React Native? Check out my other weekly, ’The React Navigator’.

The 10 component commandments
Finding fine grained reactive programming
George Sifalda
@JakubTesarek I just came across this... basically this is first step for what I consider as micro frameworks on frontend https://t.co/rfDsA6nvCT ultimately, I would like to get to the point where parent app does not about child apps at all but still child can react and change parent state
7:09 PM - 1 Jul 2019
10 things NOT to do when building React applications
More essentials:
React fragments
How to reuse logic with React hooks
Create React Modal with 22 lines of code
A note on composing components with React
Daishi Kato
How to develop React useFetch hook. https://t.co/HEx5TwgUAo with mdx-deck and code-surfer v2 by @pomber. Still work in progress. #reactjs #react #javascript #reacthooks
4:09 PM - 1 Jul 2019
React usePosition() hook for browser's geolocation
Best ways to use React Hooks for state management
Make a SplitPane React component w/ 0 dependencies
From scratch
Basketball stats through D3 & React
Creating a car game in React - Part 5 - levels and time
Auctioneer dashboard w/ React-Redux, fast & smooth
Alice Heaton
I wrote a new post on setting up a Django+React web app, leveraging Django for user auth, CSRF, static files, etc. Aimed at Django devs, for small projects where same devs likely to be doing both front and back end. https://t.co/MdSzDL40OB
8:25 PM - 26 Jun 2019
Make a car move through the road, like on Uber - Part 1
Drive React state w/ D3 transitions for solid animations
React tools
An introduction into Stencil.js
Storybook: Why, when and how
Next.js vs. Create React App: performance
Alex Reardon
📣 Introducing beautiful drag and drop for virtual lists 🥰

This is an example of react-window lists with 10,000 cards running at 60fps

*Virtual list support will be landing in 12.0 of react-beautiful-dnd* https://t.co/dVBaqKeSwy
2:05 AM - 13 Jun 2019
Getting started with Jest + react-testing-library
Visually test React components w/ media queries
Replace React components w/ PureScript's libraries
Ember Hooks
Asynchrony support in OneRef
The cost of JavaScript in 2019
Just gonna read and read and read....

Compete Intro to React v5.

Gotta see if I can gather some extra scratch to get the full video course (and the other React material on Frontend Masters - all looks amazing!)


@holtbt @FrontendMasters #reactjs
6:24 AM - 26 Jun 2019
How we built a component library that people enjoy
Command Query Responsibility Segregation and React
Slide deck: design patterns in React
React Fiber deep dive with Dan Abramov
Michael Jackson - Compose behavior in React w/ hooks
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