useState and useEffect with Hooks, GraphQL stitching 101, why Typescript & more

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An Introduction to Redux-logic
How does setState know what to do?
In-depth explanation of state and props update in React
Dan Abramov
⚛️ New on Overreacted: Why Do Hooks Rely on Call Order?
1:59 AM - 13 Dec 2018
React 16 lifecycle methods: how and when to use them
React Hooks — How to use useState and useEffect Example
GraphQL stitching 101
A new approach to React component design
Compound elements in React utilizing the context API
Interesting post on using hooks and context to implement the Redux pattern via @MaximeHeckel #reactjs
8:42 PM - 4 Dec 2018
Create an animated 3D effect airhorn button in React Native
How to share and reuse React components to build apps faster
Managing State in functional React components with useReducer
Building a WebGL gallery in React
How to link social logins with Firebase in React
Stefano Bourscheid
I just published Github actions running javascript unit tests on docker
11:46 AM - 11 Dec 2018
Build a to-do application using Django and React
Using React Hooks to manage and organize application state
Using Immutable.JS with Redux
Developing modern apps with Symfony and React
Brian Vaughn
🛠 DevTools update!

The next release of React and React DevTools will add support for editing props for the following: function components, native elements (e.g. divs), context providers, React,memo, and React.forwardRef!

Crappy demo GIF at:
12:29 AM - 14 Dec 2018
Building a P2P web app with React and LioWebRTC
Meet Romulus: the open source React Native generator
Why TypeScript with React?
My wishlist for hot reloading
The latest npm breach…or is it?
Dan Abramov
This blog by @tedinski is really good. Take some time to read it!
10:33 PM - 11 Dec 2018
Netflix' learnings from adopting GraphQL
A new approach to mocking GraphQL data
A recap of frontend development in 2018
Building a Living Style Guide With React with Allan Maltais and Ned Schwartz
Jonathan Mills Building Progressive Web Apps with React
Bringing ReasonML and JS Closer with genType - ReasonML - November 2018
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