Under the hood of Hooks, goodbye Redux, Imba, BBC's Sounds project & more

Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous news
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React Ninjas Newsletter

November 23 · Issue #32 · View online
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Andrés currently applies his knowledge to build developer platform Jexia. You can check previous newsletter editions here.

A performant React
JSX is syntactic sugar
Discovering the Shadow DOM
Mike Grabowski
React Native 0.58.0-rc.0 is out on npm, try it out!

See the detailed discussion here: https://t.co/gHDRKpli2j
11:23 AM - 23 Nov 2018
The power of web components
Under the hood of React’s hooks system
Emerging JavaScript pattern: multiple return values
Brian Vaughn
Any other DevTools users see a performance drop after upgrading to React 16.5? Would be helpful to get a repro case for this if so!

10:22 PM - 23 Nov 2018
An unforgettable way to learn Redux — the visual guide
Reusing logic in your React apps with higher-order components
Sharing React components with Gutenberg
Themed React Native app with redux, and styled-component
Cross-cutting functionality using HOC, render props and Hooks
Authentication in a React Native app using AWS Amplify
Make your own SVG graph with react-native-svg and D3.js
Build a global UX tooltip management for a legacy application
Christoph Nakazawa
As promised I have some news! I just joined the React Native team to help make React Native awesome in open source. ⚛️ https://t.co/4SqfShck3s
2:11 PM - 14 Nov 2018
Split code with Suspense, lazy + Router + Redux + Webpack 4
Goodbye Redux: global state using React Hooks and useReducer
5 ways to turn React class components to functional components
How we built BBC Sounds on the web
A wicked custom elements alternative
Andrew Clark
Something we haven't communicated well is the unfinishedness of the story around data caching. I've opened an RFC to describe the problem space.

Be warned! This proposal is very early stage. It's not unlikely we'll end up with something totally different. https://t.co/SWa8YQSiXi
1:08 AM - 21 Nov 2018
Make services a natural part of Redux architecture
Use HERE interactive maps with ReactJS to pick a theme
Blog from scratch with GatsbyJS, GraphQL, React and Markdown
Demoboard: a live editor with every package on NPM
A preview of UX and UI changes in Visual Studio 2019
Dan Abramov
Looking forward to when Concurrent mode breaks benchmarks presenting “million updates per second” as something desirable and forces us to come up with benchmarks that actually capture the user experience. https://t.co/7LCp38Dsh3
4:00 AM - 23 Nov 2018
Effortless interactive and configurable graphs with React and D3
Imba: JavaScript-compatible language for very fast DOM updates
A React State of Mind (state of JavaScript survey 2018)
Don't rewrite your app for Hooks and Suspense | React Podcast
GraphQL at Elastic
React Hooks: a Guided Tour
React Hooks: a Guided Tour
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