Thinking in Hooks, mocking components with Jest - Week of React - #72 📎

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September 24 · Issue #72 · View online
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Micro frontends at BuzzFeed Micro frontends at BuzzFeed
New mindset: thinking in React Hooks
Amelia Wattenberger
a total work in progress, but I'm curious what you all think of my React Hooks blog post draft:

is it interesting?
does the page flow well?

I want to add...
+ lots of simple but concrete examples
+ custom hooks that I 💖
+ common gotchas (?)
4:33 AM - 18 Sep 2019
Using Storybook in a monorepo
Heading levels in reusable components
Daniel Rosenwasser
People who use classes in TypeScript/JavaScript - please give this a shot. We want to make sure we're rolling this out in the least disruptive way and we need feedback.
12:17 AM - 18 Sep 2019
Recursive setTimeout with React Hooks
Mocking React components with Jest
6 different ways to create a React web app
React code splitting: virtues and challenges
When to useLayoutEffect Instead of useEffect
State colocation will make your React app faster
Designing SolidJS: reactivity
Theme-ui: consistent, themeable React apps
Gatsby.js saved 400$/month on our React SSR
GraphQL: overlapping fields can be merged fast
🗣 | Async React Hooks - by Harry Wolff
🗣 | New ways of SSR with AEM, React and Node.js
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