Release React 16.8, lessons from converting to Hooks, prevent XSS attacks & more

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February 7 · Issue #43 · View online
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CSS-in-JS and static rendering
What’s new in JavaScript ES2019?
We’ve just released React 16.8 with a stable version of Hooks. React Hooks let you use features like local state and lifecycle without writing a class. They’re fully backwards-compatible and you can start using them today.
2:24 PM - 6 Feb 2019
Making setInterval declarative with React Hooks
Pragmatic lessons from converting to React Hooks
Prevent XSS attacks if using dangerouslySetInnerHTML in React
React as a UI Runtime
Load data in React: Redux-Thunk, Saga, Suspense, and Hooks
Access GraphQL extensions with the JavaScript react-apollo client
Improved commuting with Expo and React Native
Mark Funk
React team needs to push this more. I was completely unaware until very recently that React bails out on an Element subtree if they’re referentially equivalent. Really cool stuff
3:08 AM - 7 Feb 2019
Starting with Razzle: an alternative SSR Framework for React
Keep JavaScript command-line tools neat and clean with Notion
In defense of JavaScript oddities
Safari shows the way to JavaScript resource limitation
Mozilla's Fission meets first milestone at end of February
Paul Henschel
React-spring 8.0 is out 🎉🎊 with full support for hooks 🎣, actually represents almost a rewrite. Lots of new features and possibilities. New docs available under (we'll extend the site later on). Thank you @johnadetutu93 @mcernusca and all contributors!
2:58 PM - 6 Feb 2019
Remote React jobs
Updating react-testing-library for React 16.8.0
Mocking is hard. No it’s not || Mocking like it’s 2019 – Mattia Assogna
Build a Gatsby Theme With John Otander — Learn Stuff With Jason
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